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Harleyford Aggregates - Zig Zag Quarry
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Harleyford Aggregates ~ Zig Zag Quarry ~ building materials and aggregates

  Cobbles (75mm - 200mm)      
  75-100mm cobbles
100-200mm cobbles
  75-100mm Cobbles 100-200mm Cobbles    
10mm & 20mm Gravel
10mm & 20mm Sand & gravel
14mm & 20mm Cotswold gravel
10mm & 20mm Red gravel


10mm & 20mm Gravel.
A multi-coloured decorative flint gravel.

10mm & 20mm Sand & gravel.
10mm is used to make medium strength concrete.
20mm is used to make high strength concrete.

14mm & 20mm Cotswold gravel.
A light buff limestone gravel.
10mm & 20mm Red gravel.
A flint gravel.
10mm & 20mm Dorset gravel
14mm & 20mm Devon pink gravel
  10mm & 20mm Dorset gravel.
A golden flint gravel.
10mm, 14mm & 20mm Devon
pink gravel.
A light pink/grey limestone gravel.
...and a completed gravel drive  
Pebbles (8mm - 75mm)
8-14mm pebbles
14-20mm pebbles
20-30mm pebbles
30-50mm pebbles
  8-14mm pebbles 14-20mm pebbles 20-30mm pebbles 30-50mm pebbles
50-75mm pebbles
  50-75mm pebbles      
  Building sand & grit      
Fine yellow sand
Yellow building sand
Yellow coarse sand
Fine red sand
  Fine yellow sand.
Ideal for brick laying.
Yellow building sand.
Blended sand used for a wide variety of jobs including brick or block laying and rendering.

Yellow coarse sand.
Ideal for a low stength concrete, laying slabs and floor screed.
Fine red sand.
Ideal for brick laying.
6mm Cornish Grit
  6mm Cornish Grit.
A grey/silver horticultural granite

  Cement & concrete Hardcore (sub-base & fill) Coloured mortar Rock salt
Concrete blocks
20mm & 40mm Scalpings
Free coloured mortar sample case
  Concrete blocks (7 Newton)
Zig Zag Quarry also stock 25kg bags of cement at competitive prices.
20mm & 40mm Scalpings
A light pink/grey limestone gravel from 20mm, or 40mm, down to dust.
This is an ideal material to make a hard standing when spread and rolled or as a hardcore sub-base.
Coloured mortar sample case
We specialise in a wide range of coloured mortars. Please visit us
to collect your free sample case.

Rock salt
Be ready for the big freeze! 25Kg handy bags available whilst stocks last.


Please call for pricing and delivery information.
All materials are also available for collection from Zig Zag Quarry.

Aggregate weight and volume calculator

Not sure how much material you need? Simply enter the dimensions below to obtain an approximate quantity. If the area is a complex shape, break the area up into rectangles. Work out the amount required for each rectangle individually and add the quantities together.

Please note: Our aggregate calculator provides an approximate quantity only. If you need any assistance, please contact us.

  1. Enter dimensions:
Aggregate weight & volume calculator






2. Click 'Go!' to calculate:
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